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In the 19th century, a king commissioned an explorer ship to sail around the world. You are one of the 12 people that have been chosen for this extraordinary voyage, there is only one condition. Because this will be a long trip, in order to avoid conflict the king decreed that participants must pair up into couples that could last for the duration of the voyage. At the king’s behest, royal scientists devised a game to help you find your Perfect Match. But remember, you have to do it secretly. If you are discovered your voyage will be over and you will be left at the next port. To continue the trip you have to create a lasting couple that could not be broken up by anyone else in your party.... Can you find your Perfect Match and successfully finish the voyage?

Ever since the beginning of time, men and women have been struggling with the same question: does he/she like me? From pulling flower petals, to matchmakers, to swiping left and right on your phone - there was never an easy answer. Even if you choose someone, you wouldn’t know if that person chooses you back. That is until now.

Our, Perfect Match Game takes all the guessing out of the game (pun intended) without anyone knowing until your match is revealed. Immerse yourself in the story, find your match, and have a lot of laughs and fun along the way.

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