About game

Goal of the game is to figure out matches of other couples while not being figured out yourself.  

1. 8-12 players (4-6 couples)

2. There are 12 game tokens (6 for women and 6 for men)

3. Each player chooses a game token corresponding to his or her gender.

4. Each player gets corresponding number of opposing gender’s cards.

5. Each player logs onto website and rates each card from 1-6. With 1 being highest.

6. After all players entered their ratings the algorithm will return your perfect match.

7. Choose the card with your match and put it on the table face down (make sure to remember it). And put the rest of them in a separate stack, also face down.  Do not let the other players see them.

8. After everyone is set, start the question timer on the website.  (default timer is 2 minutes but you can change it) Players will ask each other any questions they want trying to figure matches for other players.  First question must be answered truthfully. Players can choose to lie or answer truthfully subsequent questions.

9. When question buzzer sounds, questions stop.  You can either choose to vote for the couples or each player reveals one of the non-matching cards. 

10. Unless you decide to vote early, repeat steps 8 and 9 until each player has 1 non-match card left.  

11. Any player can request a vote at any time – while the timer running or after the buzzer.

12. And as always majority rules.

13. If your couple was figured out correctly, you lost, if not you won.

14. If you want to know how couples were determined each player must consent on the site to revealing ratings.  If even one player declines ratings stay hidden.